A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

There is a semi-stable web build available here: https://russmatney.itch.io/mvania19-web It is slow to load, but may work for you. I had to split the builds due to an itch.io bug - (sharedArrayBuffer support and downloads are incompatible).

I could not codesign or test the windows build... maybe it works? fingers-crossed!


HatBot is an entry for the Metroidvania Month-long Jam #19. It's a small Metroidvania with 5 zones, 3 upgrades, and 3 boss battles. It takes me about 10 minutes to speed-run through it.

Have fun, and lmk what you think!

The code is open source: (repo: russmatney/dino). Built with Godot 4, Aseprite, and Emacs.

Controls: WASD for movement, N to jump, and E for actions.

Except for the fonts (by VEXED), the art was all from scratch. The sounds were all created with gdfxr (a Godot SFXR addon).


mvania19-linux-universal.zip 31 MB
Version 3 Mar 15, 2023
mvania19-windows.zip 31 MB
Version 1 Mar 15, 2023
mvania-hatbot-osx.dmg 60 MB
Version 3 Mar 14, 2023


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wow this is so good! I loved it, so unique and everything felt really good mechanics wise. Has a great energy to it. My only feedback would be to be able to open the map full screen (and see how the worlds link), I got fairly lost near the second half