A web version of Super Elevator Level (downloadable version here).

I'd rather keep the builds together, but I've experienced bugs when enabling downloads from itch while also enabling SharedArrayBuffer support (required for Godot 4 web builds).

Hopefully this works for most people - I've experienced and heard about trouble with it in various browsers. If not, maybe the downloadable version works better (linked above).


A short Beat Em Up. I hope to expand this into a juicier elevator-level-focused game in the future. For now, I built a basic controller and enemy AI mechanic and wrapped it in a wave-based game-loop. A web version is available here: https://russmatney.itch.io/super-elevator-level-web

Features 3 levels with a few waves each.

 Controls: Movement - WASD | Punch - M | Jump - N

Part of Dino, my godot games+addons sandbox. Built for the GoGodotJam 4: https://itch.io/jam/go-godot-jam-4

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