Movement: Arrow keys, Vim keys, WASD all supported.
Rotation: Up
Pause/Resume: Enter
Hold/Swap: Spacebar
Show Controls: C
Show About: B
Play Tetris: T
Play Puyo-Puyo: P
Main Menu: M


This was originally made for the Finally Finish Something 2020 Game Jam as a simple Tetris clone, but is now expanding into other falling-block games, and hopefully soon an adventure all it's own.

The code for this project is open-source on github here. The logic and rendering was done with ClojureScript (cljs), reagent, re-frame, and shadow-cljs. The look and feel is owed largely (completely) to NES.css, a component library that emulates the style of NES games.

This game is feature-minimal - no saving/sharing of high scores, no battle mode, controls cannot yet be customized. I'm open to feature requests, ideas, and variants! If there's anything you've always wanted to see in Tetris, or just fleeting ideas, feel free to share

Every time I hear about someone playing, I get a warm fuzzy feeling inside :)

Development log

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