A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

There is a web version of this is available if you want to play without downloading!


Dino is an open-source godot monorepo that I'm using to build addons, games, and experiments. It's a sandbox that I play in and stream development on.

Feel free to toy around with it, and let me know if you have any ideas or feedback!

You can pause and return to the main menu with ESC from anywhere.

I've published several prototypes and submitted to a few game jams from dino:

My goals are to work on this in the open:

Feel free to ping me if you're interested in any details!

You can support me on patreon.


dino-html5.zip 146 MB
Version 15 May 22, 2023
dino-macos.dmg 193 MB
Version 2 May 22, 2023
dino-linux-universal.zip 161 MB
Version 4 May 30, 2023
dino-windows.zip 161 MB
Version 4 May 30, 2023

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