Very much a work in progress! I have a handful of ideas for this project's direction - follow me to get updates as it grows.

This game is currently contained in dino, my open source godot monorepo.

'Dungeon Crawler' is a classic genre, so in many ways I couldn’t not add this to Dino.

The work on the launch version of this game was done in roughly a week, during which I battled scope-creep down to the bare bones map in the game. There are two locked doors and two keys, and the bosses are indeed flintstone-inspired. If they survive long enough to attack you, you’ll see they throw bowling balls.

At the moment, the arrows fail to fire - I’ll hunt that bug down soon! If you must play it now, you can play it at the higher-level Dino game, and select ‘OneGeon’ from the menu.

I next hope to refactor towards a more independent room implementation, which will more easily support procedural generation and a wider variety of games.

I often stream development on this project via twitch.

You can support me on patreon.

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