Another prototype built in Dino, a Godot monorepo (itch link, github link).

This is a sandbox for implementing 'juicing' techniques. So far my games have felt a bit bland - in this prototype I want to juice as many details as possible.

Stay tuned for more, and feel free to comment or ping me (or open a PR!) if you have any ideas!

TODO: list of all juicing techniques impled


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This game is really cool! The camera shake, particle effects when shooting etc are just perfect.

Just a few feedbacks:
  • The music only plays when pause. I think that's kinda abnormal.
  • Would be better if there's no slow motion when 1 remains. It is annoying.
  • What does the heart have to do with anything. I jumped out of the arena and the player keeps falling instead of any key to restart or deduce heart.

Anyway keep up the effort :D

Thanks much for playing and for the feedback! There are definitely some gaps, especially those you called out.

I’m using this project to learn to implement ‘juicy’ effects, and want to hone the game feel. My goal with sharing it early is to get feedback, so this is much appreciated!

It’s not called out in the UI yet, but in this build you can reload the targets with ‘r’ and the whole scene with ‘shift-r’ (if you’re falling).

The hearts aren’t relevant yet, but enemies are coming at some point.

Music is a gap I’ll fill soon - I’m not sure exactly what I’m looking for there yet. The pause screen comes from code I share across projects, which is why it has music already. I like the vibe it gives when paused/using the menus :)

The final target slow-mo is an attempt to create an ’epic’ moment for the player - I’m wondering if there’s a better way (more effects) to communicate that. When i play through it, i use the slow-mo to execute some crazy wall-jumps to hit the last target. Do you think there’s a way to make it work, or is slow-mo always annoying to play through?

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Might be better to only introduce the slow motion when jumping or wall jumping. Also I didn't know about wall jumping you might want to add it somewhere for players to know it.

Gotcha, I’ll add it to my list! I’ll try slow-mo only when in the air, maybe that feels better.

Thanks again for playing and for the feedback!

Hope to see a fully completed game with these details :D