`E` to jump!

Very much a work in progress! I have a handful of ideas for this project's direction - follow me to get updates as it grows.

This game is currently contained in dino, my open source godot monorepo.

The inspiration for this game comes from running in park during the fall - or as I call it, Leaf-Catching Season. The beautifully colored leaves are a game to distract me from the distance remaining - catch as many as you can!

I built a little process for putting rooms in front of the player until they are ‘complete’, so that’s the game that’s running (heh) right now.

What I like so far:

  • The ‘room’ api decouples the level creation pretty nicely - they don’t depend on each other, and arbitrary ‘sets of rooms’ can be specified pretty easily in godot.
  • The auto-run makes for an simple experience for the player - this could end up working fairly well on mobile.

I’ll next fix the win-state for this ‘Park’ run, add some HUD elements, and then experiment with some more room design. I’m hopeful to get into some procedural generation in the rooms themselves, or some cross-room tasks/keys/doors. 

I often stream development on this project via twitch.

You can support me on patreon.

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