A Platformer with a jetpack and missiles. Shoot targets and collect robot parts to assemble "friendly" robots. (Plot twist: they're not friendly). The red tiles heat up the jetpack, supercharging it. The blue tiles cool it off, reducing its power. There are 6 levels in total - good luck!

Movement is via the WASD, power the jetpack with J, fire missiles with N, and jump with M. You can also zoom in/out with a mouse's scroll wheel or repeated Up/Down arrow keys.

If you end up stuck in any walls, you should be able to shoot your way out of it - worst case you can regen a different version of the same level with Shift+R.

Created for the Godot Wild Jam #53. This is part of my Dino Godot games playground, which is completely open source (repo here).

'Tower' as a reference to Towerfall, an all-time fave. I dream of one day creating something as fun as Towerfall!

I spent most of the jam prototyping/wrestling with procedural level generation - in the end I wasn't able to get it integrated properly on time - I'd hoped to provide 'infinite' random levels as you 'climb' the tower. These levels were generated and saved in Godot's editor. For now, you can live-regenerate any level with a new seed while playing with Shift+R.


Coldfire-gb 4 color palette by Kerrielake: https://lospec.com/palette-list/coldfire-gb

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